Microsoft has released the second Feature update to Windows 11, Version 23H2. (Translated Calendar year 2023 second half.)

If your machine meets minimum requirements it will be offered as an optional update in the Windows Update section of "Settings". For machines that qualify the upgrade will be free.

Like previous Feature implementations the roll out will be in phases, so even if your machine is compatible you may not see the offer just yet. 

For information on the version V23H2 please follow this link.


Windows 11, Version 23H2


While initially I did not recommend Windows 11, since the release of V22H2, Windows 11 has been ready for prime time. I run Windows 11 on my computers and I have not come across any software incompatibilities. You can follow this link to see the current status on V23H2.


Known and Resolved Issues


I strongly recommend you create a system backup should you decide you want to fall back to the OS you are using today. Windows will allow you to fall back for ten days after you update, after that you need your own backup. Your own backup will also ensure that if the update goes horribly wrong you still have a way back to a working computer.


Windows 11 will basically only support modern CPU processors, in the Intel world, 8th Generation and above. In the AMD world 2nd Generation Ryzens (Zen+) processors. This very well could mean a machine recently purchased does not qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 11. There are also other minimum hardware requirements, however, for most the processor is the limiting factor.


Microsoft has also started forcing all Home and Pro users, with this version, to have a Microsoft account if you clean install the operating system. Microsoft is no different than Google or Apple which already force you to have account to use their systems. The surveillance Internet is alive and well.


The important message in all of this is, if you are thinking of buying a new computer get it in writing that it is certified for Windows 11, especially refurbished machines.


If your machine does not qualify for Windows 11 there is some good news, Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025. 


I'd be happy to discuss your update plans with you so please don't hesitate to call.