Windows 10 Version 22H2 Update

The 22H2 update has been released to Windows Update and is ready to be installed.

While this release has been tested for months by the "Insiders", once it hits the public, the possible combinations of hardware and installed software becomes unimaginable. 

This Feature update is an "Enablement Release" which means it is enabling code all ready existing on your machine. Very few issues have been reported. 

It important to note that unlike early Feature updates this update will not be installed automatically even if you are running Windows Home edition.

To see if your machine is ready to install the update please click on the following items.

Start > Settings > Updates and security

On the right hand side of the window that opens, (screen shot below), under the "Check for Updates" box, you will see a message if your machine is ready for V22H2 and a box you must click to start the download / install.



If your machine is showing that it is ready to update to V22H2 I would proceed with this update. Those machines known to have issues will not see the message so you can't accidentally install.

Depending on your machines capabilities this update shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to install.

It is always recommended that at a minimum you back up your data before doing a Feature update. It is also recommended that you do a full backup of your system.

If you want to see what version of Windows 10 you are currently using press the Windows key + R, type Winver in the "Run" box that appears and then press "Enter".

A window will appear indicating the version and build number.

You must be using a supported version, either V21H2 or V22H2.

Microsoft will still force Feature updates onto your machine once they detect your are running an unsupported version. This is not the recommended method as the update may occur at a time that is not convenient for you and your work schedule. As well you may not have your backups in place.

If you are not on one of these supported versions (V21H2 or V22H2) please call, you are running unsupported software and you are putting yourself and your data at risk. Actually if you are still on V20H2 or earlier there is a very high probability that your update process is broken. 

While it cannot be said everyone will update pain free, the key to a successful update is patience. Do not power off your device.

As this is a phased in roll out you may not be seeing the the message to "Download and Install" when you follow the sequence Start > Settings > Update and security. With each group of machines that are implemented Microsoft collects data, builds fixes and expands the availability.

For a full description of what is in the release you can Google "Windows 10 V22H2 Update"

As Windows 10 is not really being developed the changes are minimal.

As with any computer, I can't recommend enough the need to regularly back up your data and create the necessary Recovery media after you get the update. A system Image is the best solution for a quick restore. There are excellent free tools to accomplish these tasks. 

Technology 411 is always available to assist and or guide you.

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