Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft's older flagship operating system. This operating system can be used on just about any hardware although performance will be an issue. Unlike Windows 11 there are no specific hardware requirements.


Note: Windows 10 has been superseded by Windows 11. Windows 10 will be supported by Microsoft until October 2025. If you are buying a new device please ensure it will run Windows 11, especially if buying a refurbished machine. Windows 10 is no longer being actively enhanced with new features although some of the newer functionality is being made available when and if Microsoft feels it is appropriate.


Normally on this page I follow the latest feature update, privacy and how to get the Operating system for free if you own Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Privacy in our world today is a huge issue and not one that Microsoft alone can be singled out for breaking. All technology companies collect data and the only way we are going to get it stopped is with laws similar to the European Union.

Let us acknowledge we need to control our privacy as best we can with the tools we have. Below there are articles on the upgrade process and the Version 22H2 Update.

For Windows privacy settings click on the white Windows flag, lower left corner, click on the gear shaped "Settings" icon and then click on Privacy. Turn off the items you wish to disable. If one of your app needs something you've disabled, you will be notified the next time you use the app and you can decide then what to do. Here is an excellent article you can follow. While it says Anniversary update, an older update, it is all applicable.

By the way, find that smart phone and look for its Privacy settings, you will likely be surprised at what you are currently sharing.

Technology 411 can assist you if required.

Windows 10 Version 22H2 Update 

Microsoft has released the next feature update to Windows 10, Version 22H2.

Windows 10 Upgrade - The free software offering has expired !!

Microsoft has officially closed the door to the free upgrade.