Your network is central to the whole computer experience.  It must be robust enough to reach where you need it and it must be secure - no exceptions.

Whether it's wired, wireless or both, it provides the ability to stream movies from your home computers or services like Netflix. 

Most people are unaware of the different types of wireless and which ones to use for speed and which ones to use for distance / penetration. If you router hasn't been replaced in the last five years chances are you are missing out on these benefits and your router has known security gaps. 

Your network allows you to share devices like printers and scanners and can be the backbone to your backup strategy.

Are you running your network with the same settings it came with out of the box? If so, you are likely using the same channels as all your neighbours and this can cause reception issues, especially when your neighbours are just a couple of feet away in all directions.

Router passwords and IP settings are published on the Internet making the bad guys job that much easier, these should be changed.

Is your supplier providing you the service levels you pay for and are there alternatives? Your supplier will not check if you are getting the best price, they are quite happy charging you based on a five year old agreement.

We also do custom wiring or can build you a special cable for a special need like hooking up that Smart TV. 

We can assess and build you the network you need.