Repairs can be tricky on your own, especially if your are not really sure what is wrong or how to go about isolating the root cause. Whether it's your power supply, bad memory or a faulty storage drive, they can be fixed. Maybe all that is required is a simple cleaning to get the years of dust and pet hair out of your box. 

Technology 411 can resolve any Window and most Mac issues and, if necessary, your system can be reloaded from scratch. The famous Windows BSOD can be traced to outdated driver software or maybe it's something that has decided to make a new home for itself on your machine. 

If possible we will perform the work at your residence but if the device needs to be taken away we will perform the removal and set up when it's returned. 

As part of our service our first goal is to protect your existing data, so before any work is done that may impact your data, your data is backed up. 

A common compliant is our machine is not fast enough, and while older technology is being taxed by modern web applications and anti virus, most people actually don't know what is causing the slow down or if other changes can be made to improve the situation. 

We work using a very competitive price scale, either by the hour or fixed price, and will only do what is absolutely necessary while providing a general overall assessment of potential issues. If parts are required we tell you exactly what is needed and what it will cost. We give you the choice of purchasing parts or we can handle it for you.  

Let us help with your computer Repairs in Bolton, Caledon and surrounding region.


*** Please note - we do not do hardware repairs to sealed laptops, tablets, smartphones or Apple devices. These require specialized tools and parts that are usually only available to factory authorized shops.