I see it time and time again. Passwords are forgotten, you can't find that scrap of paper you wrote it on or you didn't know there was password. Now what ??


Let's be clear, all online accounts have a password and just about all online accounts have some mechanism to recover your account. Be this an interaction with your cell phone, an email to your alternate account or a text to a phone number.


When is the last time you checked this recovery information or better yet, proved that text messages or emails can be received.


Please don't discount this. Recently a client lost access to his email and Facebook account, years of information gone. He had the right recovery information in his profile but unknown to him Microsoft and Facebook will not call landlines to provide security codes. There is no one to call, no one to email, your account is gone.


I strongly recommend that for each of your online accounts you understand what the recovery process is and that you have multiple methods available to recovery important accounts.


This is even more of an issue with the enablement of "Two Factor Authentication". Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a significant step forward is securing your account but what happens when the device you authenticate with is not working?


I'd be happy to discuss topic with you or even sit down and help you check your profiles. I also strongly recommend the use of a Password Manager which eliminates the scraps of paper and allows you a quick access to critical account information.