Windows users all know Internet Explorer, the pre-package browser installed in Windows 7 and some of you migrated to Edge when you jumped to Windows 10.

Yes that very large "E" on your task bar in Windows 10 is a new browser call Edge. Well Edge has gone through another transition and is now based on Chromium, the same engine that drives the Google Chrome browser.

Edge is available on Windows 10, iOS, Android and Macs for a consistent browsing experience. As of June 17, 2020 Microsoft is also making it available to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. 

This is an unusual move as Microsoft has publicly stated no more updates to Windows 7.

No doubt this decision benefits Microsoft as it provides an MS browser to older systems. Those still using Internet Explorer will have no doubt navigated to sites that won't operate in IE or operate with warnings. One site that comes to mind is Rogers Yahoo mail. If you navigate to this site using IE it recommends using a modern browser. While you can access your mail with Internet Explorer it's the most basic of basic presentations.

Edge will not replace IE on Windows 7 machines but it will be very prominent on your desktop and taskbar with the hopes you will start to use it.

This no doubt will make it easier for Microsoft to shelve Internet Explorer.

We highly recommend you use a modern browser as the browser is one of the most common points where computer infections can occur.

The Edge (Chromium based) icon looks like this.




Of course if you need help installing or transferring Technology 411 is always ready to assist.