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This year's Password Analysis is making the rounds. As crazy as it sounds the worst passwords continue to be the most used. If it helps use very long passwords that form a phrase you can remember. Throw in a capital and a number and rest easy. 

I drive a Honda 2011 as an example    idrivEah0nda11^  

Notice the capital E, the zero for a O and the added symbol at the end. 

Don't reuse passwords and don't use a "Core" password with changes on the fringes. 


Please don't be one of these people.

Worst Passwords 2018


What is a Strong Password and how do you create them?

We all need passwords so lets create ones that protect us.

Are you a Yahoo Mail User? Did you know that functionality changes are coming this January?

Google Photo Storage

Are you a user of the free Google Photo Storage. If so 2021 will mean changes for you. 

Windows 7 - End of Support

It is hard to believe but Windows 7 was with us ten years and on January 14, 2020 the last OS software patches were delivered to users.