Technology 411 was established to provide Caledon and surrounding area residents with a senior, local resource to help them with technology. 


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Help for the Tech Challenged


Technology 411 was founded by Ken Wynne, an IT professional with 20+ years in the technology business.


Technology 411 is now in its eleventh year of serving Caledon and the surrounding community.


Ken is an excellent communicator and has developed training packages for basic computer operations.


Ken is well versed in Windows, including Windows 11, Macs, Tablets, Smart Phones and Smart TV's.


My hours are flexible to meet your busy schedule. 


OPP background checks have been performed as part of Ken's volunteering with Caledon Community Services. Ken is a past leader of one of the Senior Helping Seniors Cyber Seniors program.  


This means you aren't allowing just anyone access to your data or your residence.


Being a local resource means help is just around the corner when you absolutely have to have help right now !!


Technology 411 offers a broad range of services at very competitive prices and most work can be performed at your residence.


Whether is it a repair, an installation or general help like buying a device, Ken has both the experience and knowledge to help you.


Ken is a experienced trainer and proven problem solver.