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You came here looking for help, the call is free and so is the advice. 

Technology is supposed to make our life easier not harder. 

Technology 411 specializes in Computer Repair and Training in the Bolton area. We also support Caledon, Palgrave, Brampton, King and Orangeville Ontario. 

We offer this service at your home, no dragging your computer to store and then describing what it does at your house. Think how much time and effort that will save you.

We have a full line of Service offerings from repairs, training, installation, customization and, most important, straight forward honest advice.

We handle setting up new machines, smartphones, tablets and networks. We can diagnose your situation in your environment and of course we can remove malware.

We understand Data Privacy and Security and will do everything possible to ensure your data remains your data.

We are fully insured and OPP backgrounds have been done.  Can your current service supplier say the same?

Please compare our rates, listed on the Service tab, with the other shops - you'll be surprised, no shocked - we beat everyone on all metrics.

Don't let your technology own you.

Don't be afraid of an independent. We know what we are doing and we put you first.

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Please give us a call, Ken Wynne (416) 312-5575 or send us an email using our Contact Tab .